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Rate Your Favorite Restaurant

Rate Your Favorite Restaurant

In the restaurant business, we think a restaurant should be about the food and accurate service



Piccadilly’s on Dale Mabry-
 I love Piccadilly’s because you can get in and out quickly. The smothered chicken and yellow rice is very good. Have the waitress microwave food if the food is warm.  Service good/ Sit on Daniel side for best service-  Manager never speaks and we’re regulars.  3 stars

* Boston The Gourmet Pizza on Anderson Rd.-  
– Waited 5 minutes for service. A couple were seated next to us and received service instantly. Complained to the manager who tried to smooth the issue over , but it was too late. Service at a restaurant should be No. 1 priority.   Still messed up my order. Asian glazed wings were good.  Will never return to restaurant.  0 stars.

*Red Lobster On Busch-   The Ultimate Feast was good/ Chili Shrimp- good/ Buffalo wings- warm/   Service – excellent / Ask for Jimmy. – 4 stars  - Second time we went, the food was good, but the service was terrible. 2 stars

Apple Bees On Fowler- I got to give Apple Bees credit, they have stepped up their menu and service. Excellent menu with a variety of food and the last 3 times we went into Apple Bees, the service was quick. They get you in and out.  Food-  excellent.   5 Stars

IHOP on Fowler or  Busch - Everybody loves IHOP on Saturdays or Sundays, if you can be seated. If you come with 5 or 6 people in your party, ask the waitress to bring your food when it is ready, instead of waiting for the whole order . If not, your breakfast will be warm.   Food is good.-/ Service – average.   3 Stars

Longhorn on Fowler-  Great Menu / Food –  good and hot. / Service – excellent and quick/  4 Stars 

* Carmines on 7th Ave-  Food and drinks are on the one. / Service- excellent / Ask for Darlene. 4 Stars

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