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Add Your Life Lessons to our website. Give us  1 to 3 sentence of what you learned in life to make life easier for others.  We will put your first name and your last name with the initial. (For example- Mike D.) We have the right to reject any comment that we feel is offensive.  

What We Know About Life

* Praise GOD, In JESUS name, for everything………Drew

* Your intuition is never wrong.

*Never Get Upset if you are delayed, it’s fate working in your favor.

*You can plan your Destiny.

*Love, Freedom And Respect 

* You Can’t Get Respect, Unless You Give It!


* Love God, Love your Life, Love your family, friends and Nice people.

*  You are free to do whatever you want under the Law.

*  You have to respect everyone. Respect is the key to Life.  You have to watch what you say to people.

* Pay your bills before you eat. In this country, if you have bad credit, you can’t get what you want.

* Never worry about what people say about you! It’s not what they say that matters, it’s who’s saying it. If the average person is talking about you negatively, it’s Ok!. But if your mother is talking bad about you, you have a problem.

* Your name and word is all you have. If you make a good name for yourself,  people will respect you.

*  The easiest way to fall out with someone is to debate about politics or religion.

*Can You make money while you are in college….Yes! The internet allows you to do anything.

* Don’t be scared to ask for HELP.

* It’s alright to say you don’t know.

* Life is based on judgement. 

* Birds of a feather, flocks together. That ‘s not always true. Maybe 70 percent of the time.  The other 20 percent – jealous of you,  and the last 10 percent – plotting on you….

* Never talk about your friends’ family member (sister, brother) to them. They will secretly despise you for it. 

* Hopefully, you’re not high or drunk, but if you are, the 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock hand grip might get you home safely . 

* If you have it, always tip well. Remember the person will remember you the next time.

* The best thing for a sore throat- Amoxicillin 500 mg. (doctor’s prescription) Take it when you feel the soreness coming on.

* You Can Make PEACE every where you go ………….William Wallace



*  It takes more effort to be mean than nice…..James J

* A good attitude takes you a long way. ….JJ

* Common sense is not as common as people think it is. ….T.d.



* If you not a Success as a father, you not a success as a Man.

* What goes around, comes around.

* Never become A prisoner to the bounderies of your own ego.

* You can make peace every where you go……William W.

*Everyone deserves a ‘Hello”……J.J.

* If you take care of yourself now, yourself will take care of  you.

* “Please “ and “Thank You” are always in order….J.J

*Its just nice to be nice…..J.J.

* You are not responsible for the way others treat you, you are responsible for the way you treat others….J.J.


  • The biggest word that stops you from progressing  Is “Procrastination”…J.J.





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