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Bill Cosby Tweets Thanks To Fans

Bill Cosby Tweets Thanks To Fans

It wasn’t much but it was more than Bill Cosby has said on Twitter — or anywhere — in months: “Thank you.”

Directed at “friends and fans,” it wasn’t clear what he was thanking them for.

Cosby’s tweet posted late Thursday, one day after he was charged, arraigned and booked on the first-ever criminal charges brought against him in more than a year of mounting accusations that he drugged and/or sexually assaulted dozens of women during a period dating back decades.

The last time Cosby himself posted something on his Twitter account was in August, when he directed his followers (he has 4.1 million) to a TV interview with his lawyer/spokeswoman, Monique Pressley.

Lately, Pressley has been doing most of the talking for Cosby; she accompanied him to his arraignment in Montgomery County, Pa., on Wednesday when he pleaded not guilty to aggravated indecent assault in connection with an 11-year-old encounter, and posted a $1 million bond before being released to his nearby home.

On Thursday, Pressley made the rounds of TV news networks, defending Cosby as “not guilty,” declaring him the victim of “a game of political football” in local politics, and vowing that he would be exonerated.

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