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Producer Seeks Crowd Funding To Make Movie

Producer Seeks Crowd Funding To Make Movie

Sentinel City Editor

Ty Granderson

Ty Granderson has established himself as an actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker in the movie industry. Now, his goal is to bring his talents home to benefit others.

Granderson hopes to accomplish this goal with the production of his movie, “Diamond.” His plan is to produce the movie through “crowd funding,” which will allow others to make donations to the production.

In return, he said, “Everyone who donates even $1 will be given credit for it. I realized being proactive in Hollywood as opposed to waiting for Hollywood to come to you; sustains careers and creates opportunities for unsung talent as well as creating fresh and original cinematic narratives for the movie. I’m going public as opposed to a continuation of unoriginal rehashed studio tent pole reboots,” he said.

He has created an Indiegogo campaign which allows individuals to view a video presentation of “Diamond.” If the effort is successful, Granderson said, it will open the doors to produce his larger movie, “The Cool & Creepy.”
Granderson, owner of Creole Celina Entertainment, said he feels Tampa is a prime location for movie productions.

It will also give him the opportunity to bring commerce home.

“We can’t wait, it’s a different game for people of color. I need to raise $20,000 to produce the movie. I need the community’s help.”

Having been in the industry for several years, Granderson has witnessed changes that continue to take place. One area of change focuses on the female-driven action films. In keeping with this train of thought, Granderson is working with Ms. Tessa Farrell and her company, Vital Spark Productions, to present “Diamond.”

Granderson is the son of Mrs. Joanna Jones Tokley and the late Goosby Jones.

To see the video visit the Diamond website at –

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