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Tampa Native Galen Graham Finds New Music Opportunities In Los Angeles

Tampa Native Galen Graham Finds New Music Opportunities In Los Angeles

Sentinel Staff Writer

Pictured in the photo: From L to R- Dr. Dre, Sly Jordan and Galen Graham

Anyone who knows, has worked with, or worked for Galen Graham is familiar with the success he had in Tampa in promoting several clubs in the area.

Graham and his team were responsible for the rebirth of the Manilla Lounge and other popular night spots.

However, when the club business took a turn for the worse, Graham never stopped working in the industry.

He moved to Atlanta where he was responsible for the success of a popular dinner club.

“Things were going great for me in Atlanta. With my family and other business interests in Tampa, I managed to travel back-and-forth, making sure everything was going smoothly.

“While in Atlanta, I got a call from an old friend, Sly Jordan, who had ventured out to California and started working with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and their team. He asked me to come out and join them, and with the success I was having in Atlanta, that was a hard decision to make.”

However, Graham found the offer too good to refuse, and since relocating to Los Angeles, he’s helped manage the careers of several aspiring artists, worked right alongside Dr. Dre and other music and movie celebrities, and also launched a couple of outside projects.

“Thanks to the connections I’ve made, a big talent search will be coming to Tampa that’s being done by the tops in the music business in California.

“A new reality of the music industry is record companies are becoming obsolete. Everyone is streaming music now, and CDs are becoming relics. My team, Bum Rush Media, will be streaming music and I want to make sure the talented artists in Tampa take advantage of this opportunity.”

Graham said they’ve already ventured into Colorado and Michigan, and Dr. Dre is ready to sign a lot of people to contracts.

“Dr. Dre and some of the members of N.W.A. have just finished a movie about the group and its origin. I have a brand, Kushtown, and I will be marketing all kind of products.”

Graham said he’s been very busy in the entertainment industry, and fortunately he’s adapted to the changes and the fact that it’s all media now.

“The company most responsible for the marketing of hip hop music, Interscope, closed their doors more than a year ago.

“God has blessed me to evolve into an entirely new genre of entertainment, and it all started in Tampa. That’s why I am obligated to the artists in Tampa to make sure they take advantage of all of the opportunities out there for them.”

Graham said he will be in-and-out of Tampa a lot in the next few months, and he will make sure the people who are looking for that big break know it.

Graham has been a part of projects that have involved multi-hitmaker Fliptyce, one of Africa’s top producers. Orion Peace, who has worked with Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, Stephen Marley, Rakim, Cassidy, Lauryn Hill, Seun Kuti and others, has secured a partnership with Bum Rush Records/Afermath Records, founded by Graham and Jordan.

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