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Drew-Z Movie Reviews

Jack The Giant Slayer- Jack (Nicholas Hoult) a  farmer, must rescue a princess from a race of  vicious giants after unknowningly opening a gateway to their world. The action might be to intense for kids. Action-packed.  A little long (1hr/54mins)- Made $27M (budget- $195M)- ****
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) returns in this true story about a father doing whatever  it took to prove his son’s innocense. Enjoyed it! Made $24M (budget-N/A)-***1/2
A Good Day To Die Hard- 
John McClane(Bruce Willis) is back in action when he visits Moscow to see his son, Jack (Jai Courtney), who is investigating the Russian Underworld. The two McClanes discover they need each other to survive. Fast-paced action. 1hr/ 37mins. No. 1 at box office- $59M (budget-$92M)- *** 
Safe Haven-
 A young women, Erin (Julianne Hough) escapes to a small town to start a new life and later falls in love with Alex (Josh Duhamel). Erin’s abusive husband finds her and the horror begins. A romance film for couples. Made $57M (budget-$28M)- ***
Escape From Planet Earth- 
A 3D computer animated family film for kids. Kids will enjoy this movie. Made $43M (budget-$40M)- ***
Identity Theft- 
This comedy is about a financial consultant, Sandy Patterson(Jason Bateman) getting his identity stolen by a woman named Diana (Melissa McCarthy). Patterson flies to Diana’s location to bring her back to justice. McCarthy is the real star in this movie.  Hilarious!  Made-$107M (budget-$35M)- ***1/2
Warm Bodies-  
A classic love story about a zombie falling in love with a human. This comedy /horror film was different. Enjoyed it! 1hr/ 37mins.-  $61M (budget N/A)- ****
Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters
 – Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) are bounty hunters who track and kill witches around the world. This horror fantasy film has good special effects. Action-packed.  Made $54M. (Budget $50M). ****

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